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About the Company




                 We believe by communicating directly with our valued customer, we can establish a closer relationship between ourselves and together we can develop so that we can meet your requirements. It is only when we understand our customers, we can emerge as a successful company.

This will always be our philosophy!


                                  Hussain Kamal

Message from MD
Company Profile

            Sphinx Services was established in Bahrain in 1975 as a provider of environmental services, it comprises a group of companies offering professional solutions for Solid Waste Management, Waste Water Management, CCTV Pipeline Bore Inspection, General Fabrication and Mechanical Engineering along with Industrial Supplies.

            The company continues to diversify and develop in strength. In recent years Sphinx established its position amongst the world’s leading waste management service providers when it was awarded the Municipal Waste Collection and Street Cleaning Contract for three Regional Areas, North, Middle and South of Bahrain serving more than 598,275 Bahraini citizens and according to the Municipality contract it is providing; domestic, commercial and market's waste collection, Special and Bulky waste collection, garden and green waste collection, coastline and foreshore cleaning Today, Sphinx Services through its know-how and connections with leading technology experts, all over the world, within the environmental industry, the Sphinx Group is capable of offering both small and large scale, practical and innovative, Waste Management Solutions. 


Mission & Vision

            To meet the needs of our clients and the community by providing best value solutions that are based on best practice principles in order to deliver the highest level of service in accord with the natural environment.

The following values guide the mission statement of our Solid Waste  operations:


  • Delivering all integrated solid waste management services provided to residents in a cost effective manner.

  • To engage in promoting environmental awareness and protection. 

  • Maintaining a safe work environment. Providing superior customer service.

  • Commitment to developing excellence in all aspects of operations.



Our Objectives


  • To provide the people, expertise and resource to ensure a first class service to our customers.

  • To satisfy our customers' agreed requirements in all respects.

  • To continuously monitor and improve our performance.

  • To make a fitting contribution to the community and environment in which we conduct our business. 

Business Growth/ Profitability

The Sphinx Services. SPC has made a steady growth in its business and earned a healthy profits, thereby providing adequate support to expand its business through internal resource generation.


Customer Satisfaction

 A large number of clientele from the Government, Public and Private sectors have ongoing contracts with our company for more than 35 years. This is a testimony of our top class service.



Strengths of the Company

 A well organized management structure, with a professional management structure, with a professional management and the working environments being congenial and acciedent-free.

The company has adequate professional and technical expertise.

A highly trained, skilled, experienced and motivated manpower that is capable of facing challenges that may arise from time-to-time.

A high performance record that enjoys the confidence of a large clientele.

Good infrastructure and logistical facilities, backed with a fleet of more that 70 commercial & private vehicles to provide timely transport.

The company is financially sound to meet with any eventualities and cope with ever expanding business demands.



Specialist in Waste Management Services, Industrial Supplies and Services.

Mechanical Engineering, General Fabrication, Welding And Machining Jobs.

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