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Quality, Health, Safety & Environent Policy.

  • Understand and achieve customer requiremnts and their expectation.

  • Setting specific objectives and measurig system for continual improvement.

  • Apply all applicable legislation and other requirements.

  • Provide safe working environment to our employees, customers, subcontractors and visitors.

  • Communicate the plicy to all employees, customers, suppliers and interested parties.

  • Review the policy periodically to ensure that it remains appropriate to the organization.



26 June 2013, Revision 00

Sphinx services that covers Waste Management Services in respect of cleaning, collection, transportation of Municipal Solid waste is committed in providing the highest quality standard of services and conformity with all the requirements of the customer, while we also commit to the prevention of pollution, prevention of injury and ill health of our employees, and compliance with all the applicable quality, health, safety and environmental laws. Continually Improve the Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Management System of the company.

The company pledges to do the following;

  • Improve quality, health, safety and environmental performance.

  • Present the highest standard services for general cleaning activities and the collection and transportation of residential and commercial solid waste from their sources.

  • Strive to achieve the goal of zero accident and ill health.

  • Provide employees with sufficient personal protective equipments.

  • Train employees about quality, health, safety and environmental concepts.

  • Enforce all the quality, health, safety and environmental policies and procedures.

  • Clean environment together with boosting popular awareness of the environment and upgrading the efficiency of managing the solid waste of its workers or employees

  • Ensuring the element of flexibility and quality control, providing comfortable easy methods for the citizens.

  • Accomplish an integrated and comprehensive solid waste management from the point of generation to the final disposal, efficient and cost effective.

  • Develop local capabilities in environmental services and solid waste management in particular.

  • Improve quality of urban environment, securing high health, and ecological levels.

  • Strive not to allow releases into the atmosphere, land or water in amounts that may harm human health and the environment.

  • Investigates HSE accidents to determine causes and provide corrective or preventive actions.

  • Management is accountable for preventing work place injuries and illnesses.

  • Management to consider employee suggestions for achieving all quality, health, safety and environmental policy and objectives.

Top management supports at all levels the principles and values promoted by Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental (QHSE) Policy and ensure that policy and objectives are understood, implemented and supported by all the parties.


Hussain Khudar Kamal


Mr. Abdul Shaheed

QSHE & MR Officer

Mob: 36289864

Specialist in Waste Management Services, Industrial Supplies and Services.

Mechanical Engineering, General Fabrication, Welding And Machining Jobs.

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