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Human Resource

The Company employs and sponsors over 1900 employees and is well managed by a team of qualified managers and supervisors.

The Company attaches high importance to the development of its human resources. Training is provided to the employees in their respective fields from time-to-time for enhancing the efficiency. The staff are motivated appreciation of their work through generous raises, awards, incentives, etc.


The Company believes that its human resources, if taken care of, looked after and well motivated, can be a precious asset. The very fact that we have substantial number of employees working with us for many years is proof enough that the working conditions are ideal,congnial and harmonious.


If you think that you are eligible & experianced enough to work for Sphinx Services. SPC. Send us a letter.

For Bahrainis

For Expatriates

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Specialist in Waste Management Services, Industrial Supplies and Services.

Mechanical Engineering, General Fabrication, Welding And Machining Jobs.

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