Skip Loading Service (Trash Disposal)

We operate a Skip hire and Compactor services throughout the kingdom of Bahrain, available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.Sphinx Services is proud to provide the best service for its clients, however small or large the requirement.


Sphinx Services is committed to provide Waste Management Services in respect of Cleaning, Collection, Transportation of Municipal Solid Waste, while respecting and protecting the environment and preventing pollution.

Medium Trash can


Small Trash can


Family Size Trash can

Sphinx Services has years of experience in designing and installing turn key waste systems. We install refuse systems from smaller industrial compactors, upto super compactors for municipal solid waste transfer stations.


Our Industrial Refuse Compactor is a central waste management system that will enhance operating cost reduction, and provide a clean and efficient method of controlling rubbish, trash collection & waste removal.


We offer customers a comprehensive range of drain services for both planned maintenance activities and also reactive services when you have an immediate problem.



Specialist in Waste Management Services, Industrial Supplies and Services.

Mechanical Engineering, General Fabrication, Welding And Machining Jobs.

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MAN TGS Skip Loader Truck